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Advanced Retreat for Couples

Who is this retreat for?

Deepening in Love is designed for stable, committed couples with good communication skills and preferably some previous experience with individual and/or couples counseling, retreats, seminars, etc.  Your relationship is fundamentally healthy; you love and like each other; and you want to deepen your skills, envision your future and have a great time together!  Couples of all genders and orientations warmly welcomed.

What to expect

You will enjoy:

  • 2 class sessions daily

  • Lots of time to allow for beach, rest, lovemaking, excursions, exercise, and simply enjoying being together in a tropical paradise.

  • Daily optional yoga, meditation & spa services

  • Healthy, delicious food made with love and impeccable safety for all dietary needs.


Sessions include:

  • Advanced communication skills

  • Shared practices of meditation, breath, and touch

  • Radical self-responsibility

  • Sacred sexuality

  • Opening to your partner as teacher and the gifts & lessons they bring

  • Dance, music and play

  • A relationship visioning process leading to the creation of new vows for the next cycle of your shared life

  • A recommitment ceremony for each couple on the beach at sunset 


Our retreats unfold in a safe, skilled and supportive environment. Those of you who have worked with us before know that you will be treated with the utmost respect and caring, while also being lovingly challenged to breakthrough to new possibilities, individually and as a couple.

We will be assisted by our beloved, long-time associate, psychotherapist par excellence, Indrus Piche, who is also an expert in sacred sexuality.

In class sessions you are primarily working alone with your partner.  Your privacy as a couple is respected and there is no enforced sharing or process with the group as a whole.

Your retreat setting

Mar de Jade is a lovely retreat center right on the beach in Chacala, Mexico.  We discovered this little jewel in 2004 and have returned every Winter since.  Mar de Jade is a safe and quiet haven.  The owners’ commitment to service to the local community, health and spirituality make it a perfect home for our retreats. 

They have an impeccable COVID protocol.

What participants say:

"The retreat was absolutely miraculous for us. My husband and I hadn’t particularly felt we needed it.  But we were amazed to be renewed and reignited in every aspect of our marriage, and we fell even more deeply in love." 

-Lynne Twist, Author, The Soul of Money; Founder, Pachamama Alliance

Deepening in Love

February 8-15, 2025

Mar de Jade
Chacala, Mexico

Assisted by Indrus Piche 

By application only.

For more information or assistance, please feel free to contact our workshop coordinator.

Deepening in Love Tuition


Tuition is a sliding scale from $1260-$2360 per couple.  Room & board is an additional $415-$557 USD per couple per night.  Mar de Jade does offer a 10% discount for people who pay in cash.  (Room prices include all meals and taxes, but not tip that gets distributed among entire staff.)

We offer a self-selected sliding scale to make this wonderful retreat more accessible.

If you can afford the higher rate, please do so to support others who would not otherwise be able to attend. 


$2360.00 (generosity rate to help make this work more widely accessible)
$1960.00 (standard tuition)
$1260.00  (for those who need a lower fee in order to attend; limited # of spots available)



We offering a full tuition scholarship by lottery for one couple doing non-profit work in in the sectors of social justice or environment who would not otherwise be able to attend the retreat.  The scholarship does not include room and board.  However, Mar de Jade will offer the scholarship recipients 20% off room and board for cash payment.

Please indicate on your application if you are eligible and interested in the scholarship. The lottery will be on Monday, May 22nd, 2023. Lottery applications need to be submitted, by Friday, June 14, 2024  in order to be included in the lottery which will take place June 21, 2024.


Do familiarize yourself with Mar de Jade's refund policy.  Upon acceptance to the retreat, please reserve rooms early as Mar de Jade is heavily booked in February.  Click to learn more.


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