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I support leaders, educators, activists, artists, entrepreneurs and all those committed to creating a more loving, just and sustainable world. You may be challenged by your relationships, work situation, emotional life, or simply ready to make a transition or take your next steps.  You will be masterfully guided to clarify your vision, expand your personal power and develop skills to generate a more inspired, effective and enjoyable life.

Transformational coaching focuses on the present and the desired future rather than on the past.  While acknowledging the impact and influence of our history, habits and the conditions of our lives, we learn to identify and relax the grip of self-limiting beliefs and the stories we tell about ourselves, others and what is possible.  We discover and affirm the core sense of purpose and creativity that burns in each of us.  We learn to self-regulate our mind, emotions and energy and live from a calm and clear center.

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Judith brings over 45 years of experience as a psychotherapist, coach, organizational consultant and teacher of consciousness.

Clients Include


  • Greenpeace

  • Search for Common Ground

Center for Community Change

  • Global Fund for Women


  • Just Vision

  • The Abraham Path

  • City of Boulder


  • Spitfire Strategies

  • Transitions Global

  • Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada

  • Frack Free Colorado


  • 38 Degrees

  • Equality Now

  • Young Women’s Leadership Institute

  • SumofUs

  • Friends of the Earth

While each person is unique and the coaching process is flexible and geared to your particular needs, here are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • Deepen and align to your sense of purpose and vision for this stage of your life

  • Cultivate greater power to turn your visions into reality

  • Develop skills in brain and nervous system regulation

  • De-escalate the influence of trauma and negative experiences

  • Gain skill in meeting both inner and outer obstacles with effectiveness and equanimity

  • Strengthen your ability to effectively lead and manage others

  • Develop consistent access to your intuition–your inner-wisdom guidance system

  • Develop emotional and mental stability and clarity as your internal base of operations

  • Learn how to create satisfying win-win relationships, deepen intimacy and establish appropriate boundaries

  • Create balance and ease in all aspects of your life

  • Find peace with those aspects of life you cannot control

  • Live a life you are happy to be living

Sessions may range from addressing deep inner work to strategizing about specific situations and goals.  Targeted assignments and practices will keep you moving towards your inner and outer goals between sessions.


Coaching is a team sport.  Together we assess your needs and goals and determine the best structure and frequency for our meetings. 
I work with a small number of committed clients via phone or video conference.  In-person sessions and private retreats are also available in Boulder, Colorado USA.


If you are interested in working together, please use the contact form to get in touch.

Thanks for your message. I will be in touch soon.

What Clients Say

"Coaching with Judith has transformed my life. Her touch is gentle yet in each session she goes to the essence and helps me find and trust my own truth. I am now able make actionable decisions about my personal and professional life and in my relationships in an easy, clear way rather than struggling and suffering over them as I used to. I am experiencing consistent levels of calm and self-connection even in these stormy times. Judith has helped me find a clear vision for this next phase of my life and how I want to serve in the world. I knew she was wonderful having done a couples’ retreat with her (also amazing), but she has far exceeded my expectations of how much and how quickly I would have grown." 

- MF, Organizational Coach/Consultant, Latin America

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